Three pillars of Eaton Vance's strategy for human capital management:

Eaton Vance strives to develop and maintain deep employee engagement. We endeavor to maintain a culture in which talented employees work collaboratively to achieve outstanding results for our client and business partners. We seek to provide a workplace experience and career opportunities that motivate committed staff members to spend their careers with the Company.

Employee Retention

Eaton Vance has a strong record of employee retention, with an average tenure among current employees of 6.9 years. We understand that keeping employees engaged and productive requires ongoing focus and effort. We work hard to make new employees feel welcome from day one. Through the culture we maintain and the employee initiatives we undertake, we seek to cultivate a highly engaged workforce. We understand that maintaining high levels of employee retention is essential to achieving superior results for our clients and business partners. Learn More

Employee Engagement

We believe a productive workforce is an engaged workforce. We seek to provide levels of compensation and benefits, work experiences and professional development opportunities to attract talented employees to Eaton Vance and to keep them motivated and engaged throughout their careers. Among our initiatives in support of these objectives are career milestone celebration events hosted by senior management and annual employee surveys designed to measure employee satisfaction and engagement so that we can identify and address performance gaps. Learn More

Talent Acquisition and Recruiting

Eaton Vance seeks to recruit and hire a workforce that aligns with our mission and core values and leverages a diversity of backgrounds and experiences to achieve consistent excellence in business and investment performance. We engage a number of external organizations to assist in attracting and recruiting top talent into our organization at all levels, with a particular focus on attracting diverse talent. We maintain a sizable co-op and internship program, recruiting over 100 college students annually to work in positions across functional areas. An important part of our college recruitment strategy is to convert a high percentage of our co-ops and interns into full-time employees. We also offer an equity research analyst summer program to MBA students who have completed their first year. Learn More

Learning and Development

Eaton Vance offers employees a broad range of learning and development programs. We provide formal training programs for specific entry-level roles, including call center representatives and investment research associates. We offer employees identified as rising leaders within the Company the opportunity to enhance their management and leadership capabilities through the Leadership Development Program. We offer a dedicated training program for new managers designed to familiarize them with their role and responsibilities and to equip them with the management skills necessary to be successful. The Advanced Manager Program for Excellence in Development is a targeted program for experienced managers to help them evolve from managers into leaders.

All employees have access to a digital learning library that includes over 1,800 courses, covering topics including communications, financial literacy and software skills. Eaton Vance also offers live courses each fall and spring covering a range of topics for professional growth. Employees who choose to further their academic studies while employed at Eaton Vance may take advantage of available tuition reimbursement. Learn More

Compensation and Benefits

Eaton Vance takes a holistic approach to employee rewards. We recognize that the compensation and benefits we provide, the training and development opportunities we offer, and the work experience of our employees are key to attracting, developing and retaining top talent and achieving high levels of performance excellence.

Our compensation programs are driven by three primary objectives: attracting a highly qualified and diverse workforce; retaining and motivating employees by recognizing and rewarding achievement, contribution and excellence; aligning the focus of employees, management and shareholders on long-term business and investment results. The principal elements of our compensation program are base salaries, performance-and-incentive-based cash awards, and stock-based compensation.

We offer a comprehensive range of employee benefits, including: medical, dental, and vision insurance, a profit-sharing and retirement savings plan, parental leave and adoption assistance, back-up child care services, flexible work arrangements, a commuter benefit plan, professional exam and tuition reimbursement, paid time off, wellness and employee assistance programs, an employee stock purchase plan and an array of voluntary supplemental benefits.

Eaton Vance is an equal opportunity employer committed to nondiscrimination in our compensation and benefit programs and employment practices. Learn More

Diversity and Inclusion

Eaton Vance understands that diversity is central to our mission and core values. We believe that maintaining a diverse workforce and inclusive culture benefits our employees, clients, business partners and shareholders. Embedding diversity and inclusion into the culture of Eaton Vance requires making it a central element of our employee recruiting and engagement practices. We accomplish this by consistently: seeking to identify diverse candidates for consideration to fill open positions; investing to develop and retain employees who contribute to diversity; and training all employees to be receptive and responsive to diversity and inclusion issues, conversations and topics.

Our diversity and inclusion team works closely with managers across the Company to develop action plans specific to each group, then measuring and tracking key indicators to evaluate progress and identify gaps. We use anti-bias training to provide our managers with understanding and tools needed to address and mitigate bias in the workplace, and offer a number of online courses covering diversity and inclusion topics that are available to our employees to further enhance their understanding and awareness.

We further support diversity and inclusion across the Company through our sponsorship of employee resource groups, which serve as networks for work colleagues to leverage their experiences to connect with one another, learn and develop professionally, and promote diversity and inclusion. Four employee resource groups are currently active at Eaton Vance: PRIDE+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer employees and their allies); EVolve (young professionals); Mosaic (multicultural) and Women’s Leadership Exchange.

Eaton Vance is equal opportunity employer committed to providing a workplace that is free of discrimination and harassment. Learn More

Health and Safety

Eaton Vance places top priority on the health and safety of our employees. In addition to ensuring that our employees are safe and secure in their workplaces, we actively engage employees in a range of initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles. Learn More

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