We strive for our employees to find purpose in their careers and to identify strongly with the mission and core values of Eaton Vance. The below responses to our annual employee survey express some of the feelings our staff members have about their jobs and careers:

“I have the ability to work hard at a job worth doing. There are no limits on my ability to get training or start new initiatives.”

“I feel appreciated for what I do and am given the opportunity to expand my role.”

“I work with a great group of people on a team that fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing. I both learn something new and teach something almost every day.”

“I offer something different to clients that other firms do not offer. We are not simply a commodity here at Eaton Vance. We have, do and will continue to differentiate ourselves as a firm.”

“The treatment and respect that all employees have for each other is unmatched. From higher-level managers to new employees, respect for each other is paramount at Eaton Vance. It creates an environment where people are not afraid to share their ideas and concerns, which improves the overall quality of work.”

“Eaton Vance has a supportive culture, a record of business success and a strong reputation, which lends itself to future opportunities.”

Employee Retention

“This is a place where people choose to spend their careers" – Tom Faust, CEO

Eaton Vance has a strong record of employee retention, with an average tenure among current employees of 6.9 years. We understand that keeping employees engaged and productive requires ongoing focus and effort. We work hard to make new employees feel welcome from day one. Through the culture we maintain and the employee initiatives we undertake, we seek to cultivate a highly engaged workforce. We understand that maintaining high levels of employee engagement is essential to achieving superior results for our clients and business partners.

The loyalty and commitment of our employees is driven by:

Employee Engagement

We believe a productive workforce is an engaged workforce. We seek to provide compensation and benefits, work experiences and professional opportunities that attract talented employees to Eaton Vance and keep them motivated and engaged throughout their careers. Among our initiatives in support of these objectives are the following:

Celebrating Career Milestones

The Company’s senior executives host an annual recognition event for employees completing milestone anniversaries (i.e., multiple of five years) of service to the Company. We also show our appreciation for our employees by showing each of their names on the back of our annual report, listed by years of service.

Employee Survey

To help ensure that we are providing our employees with a fulfilling work experience, we measure employee satisfaction and engagement by conducting an employee survey each year. The survey is anonymous and focuses on factors such as employee engagement, compensation, management, interdepartmental cooperation and business direction. Survey results and trends are reviewed by our human resources staff and department heads to identify opportunities for improvement and to address performance gaps. We use this feedback to assess our performance in creating a rewarding work experience and career opportunities for our employees.

The Boston Globe Top Places to Work

Eaton Vance has participated in The Boston Globe Top Places to Work survey since its inception in 2008. Reflecting the results of this survey, we are among the small number of companies to be recognized as one of the “Top Places to Work in Massachusetts” 12 or more times.

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