The tax code is always evolving. Wealthy clients expect help and guidance in understanding how to plan for the estate and gift taxes—and how to avoid potential missteps.

Did You Know?
Under current law, in 2026, the combined gift and estate tax exemption will revert from current levels to $5 million, adjusted for inflation dating from 2011 (approximately $7 million).

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Key Takeaway

By understanding the current tax system and anticipated changes, you will be better prepared to discuss tax-efficient planning strategies with high net worth clients, their attorneys and CPAs. 

Combined Gift and Estate Tax Exemption*

2023 exemption for assets passed during life or upon death:

  • $12,920,000 for individuals.

  • $25,840,000 for a married couple.


Without proper planning, clients with assets that surpass these amounts can expect their estates to pay a federal tax of 40% in addition to any applicable state taxes.

Annual Exclusion

Gifts up to the federal gift tax annual exclusion of $17,000 per recipient can be made annually without using a portion of the lifetime exemption amount.

Next Step

Identify clients who would benefit from advanced planning and be a catalyst for planning discussions with their full tax team.


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*Source: "Estate Tax." IRS,, Accessed May 11.

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