Welcome. I’m David Richman with the Eaton Vance Advisor Institute. Today we’d like to explore a paradigm that might be able to help you consistently have even better conversations to convert prospects into lifelong clients and to convert those customers that might be masquerading as clients into real clients. This paradigm, which we call the 3 Dynamics, will also help you in conversations with your colleagues and with your team members. 

How many times have you had a prospective client say to you, “Let me think about. I’ll get back to you,” after you made what you thought was a brilliant recommendation? Perhaps this comment took you by surprise as their tone kind of signaled a nice no rather than a sincere maybe. These words connect to a question I frequently ask advisors, “What, not who, is your number one competitor?” How would you answer that question? I’ll give you a hint. You learn that word for the first time in a physics class. Yes, you got it – inertia. Inertia. Things in motion tend to remain in motion. Things at rest tend to remain at rest. 

There are so many reasons why people tend not to change. Change is difficult, maybe one of the most difficult things for any humans to confront. So many reasons. Maybe fear of the unknown, physical or emotional exhaustion, or uncertainty about their actual ability to do something different. It leads them to remain fixed, to remain like deer in the headlights, frozen in their present situation. 

As you know, behavioral finance experts have a phrase for this – called status quo bias. The status quo is often so appealing because it’s exactly what they’re doing right now. It takes such a compelling reason for someone to make change. Inertia is such a formidable adversary. This is where the 3 Dynamics might help. They can serve as guideposts for you in chasing positivity and helping you minimize the gravitational pull of inertia. 

Together with my long-time colleague and friend, Dr. Robert Brooks, we developed a paradigm, a paradigm for you to hopefully have these better conversations. The 3 Dynamics that we explore - communicating emphatically, meaning starting every conversation from the vantage point of seeking to see the world through that other person’s eyes. Next, collaborating consciously, and we use that word consciously rather consciously. We’re trying to have you think about what are you doing with great intentionality in every conversation to master the art of collaboration. Then third, Inspiring Action. Ultimately, words matter. What are the words and phrases that you are using that may just help inspire that person, help that literal light bulb go off to have them think about why they perhaps should make change, why they should move forward. Words matter. These 3 Dynamics provide a genuine approach for having conversations that will help you inspire others to take actions that you know or at least believe to be actions that will be in their best interest. Your ability to create motivating environments, environments in which people actually feel more at ease and receptive to listening, rests in your approach to your conversation. 

Our hope is that you will invest the time and the energy to master these 3 Dynamics so that you can become increasingly intentional and consistent in your conversations. By doing so, you’re more likely to inspire intentional outcomes and position yourself as a source of strength in the lives of the clients you serve and the clients you aspire to serve. 

If you would like to master the 3 Dynamics, we encourage you to fully explore all the resources available on eatonvance.com/ChasingPositivity. We at Eaton Vance are absolutely committed to helping you build stronger and deeper relationships with your clients and with your prospective clients. Until next time, wishing you all the best.

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